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When you loose a beloved friend you often feel overwhelmed with strong feelings, you miss them and your life fells very empty.

The Ash Jewelry is a warm memory you can hold in your hand and have very close to your skin.

In every jewelry there is a small amount of the ashes from your pet. It is mixed with the porcelain clay or sealed inside of the glass bead. The ashes in the glass beads will be visible, like a part of the decoration of the bead, and is like small white flakes inside the glassbead. In the porcelain the ashes is not as visible but can be seen and felt like small specks on the surface of the bead.

There are many different designs to choose from, both masculine and feminine jewelry.

Each jewelry is in a beatifull box and Andrea signs a certificat, that garantees that the jewelry is made of the ashes from your pet.

All the jewelry is made of 925 Sterling silver.

All of the jewelry designs are registered by the EF-designprotection.

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